• amadmansnarrative 24w

    You & Me.

    If you are the humor than I am the joke,
    If you are the tumor than I am the smoke,
    You love healing so I'll stay broke,
    You want special and I am a normal folk.

    If you are the rain than I am the storm,
    And if you are the brain than I am it's worm,
    If You are true than I am the fact,
    you have your crew while I am a sect.

    You love your sail than call me a pirate,
    You see in colors while I dream in violet,
    If you are the pill than I am the herb,
    You think in nouns and I am a verb.

    If you're a bird than I am the sky,
    If you're the word than me it's rhyme.
    You love clock and I am the time,
    You are the Stock and I own it in a prime.

    If you are the tailor than I am the sew,
    And if you are the feuhrer than I am a Jew,
    If you are the cross than I am the nails,
    You are so gross and I am so lame.