• sujmamchat 9w


    Starlight Stardust sprinkled on the ground
    Love and hope growing in heart abound
    Misty nights tremble with luminosity of the stars
    Shimmering like saffron, alight from the Mars.

    Twinkling like the silver and a diamond dew
    Illuminating the night with a shining hue
    Path of the footsteps reflecting the light
    Polished and chiseled are the stones so white

    Tall trees seem to touch the stardust
    Shadows falling athwart are cast
    Wearing a platinum crown on their head
    As I watch them with peace from my bed.

    The starlight emanating on the chimney tops
    Reflecting the rays from the rain drops
    Drizzling softly from the clouds that are white
    Stardust trickling in the darkest night.

    Glittery stars that smile on earth's bosom
    Night growing jasmine whose aroma does blossom
    Sweetest scent that spreads on the grassy lawn
    Waiting eagerly for the day to dawn.

    Tranquil nights where gurgles the stream
    Shining to glory, the starlight beam
    To hide in the light of the crystal morn
    Basking in the new day that is born.