• aesthenia 51w

    Today for the umpteenth time I checked your last seen and the accidentally popped up pro pic flashed thousands of memories.
    Never a day left my side without your calls and messages.
    You were a frequent visitor in my notification bar.
    You had hours to listen to me and my senselessness.
    Sharing each others day were our therapy to heal the wound.
    You laughed with me,
    You cried with me,
    You consoled me.
    Your changes were so imperceptible that I paid no heed.
    I am to be blamed,
    I hoped in the long run it is all going to be norm.
    Soon came the biggest irony of my life,
    the one who made me soon broke me into thousands of shapeless pieces that can never be rejoined.
    When all was said and done,you had your excuses and reasons.
    I removed you off my mainstream from every places possible.
    I wiped your every existence off my world.
    But you faded and still remained.
    Your ghost never left my side.
    You should have removed me off your soul with ease.
    Be that as it may be..
    You are still and forever the sundered moiety of my soul.