• vampirecadence 5w

    May, 30th 2020 @writersnetwork

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    I say this to myself that I won't expect anymore, anything from anyone because you know that phrase "Expectation hurts at the end" and that's basically true.
    But I don't know why still I expect? what makes me to feel expect?
    I don't want to expect anything anymore.
    If I won't expect anything, it will only give me peace and for that peace, I have to get rid of this expectation that comes with the feeling of belongingness.
    When someone appreciates you, you feel good,
    it makes you long for more, there grows the plant of expectation and without realizing even for once, It grows even taller than you in your mind and that's what exactly happens to me because its seeds are faster than anything.
    I hope I keep a check on it and don't get carried away with these expectations that just give you sorrow at the end.

    - Cadence Aurora