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    This one goes to the person I have never been grateful to..to my bro��
    It was his bday yesterday....
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    To the one I have never acknowledged......

    You are not at all kind
    For I am the one who gets hurt when our fights wind
    You made me learn the Hindi counting
    You made me a fool in April
    You beat my teddy bear
    You care....ahhh...that's rare
    You aren't this and that Mr. IIM - A
    But you are my brother so that makes you more than okay

    I don't have childhood moments with you
    Cause I have years....
    Years of admiration and adoration
    Years of learning
    Years of untold words and unfought wars
    Years of living and loving

    There is hardly anything
    That I find difficult to put in my pen's ring
    But I guess not all stories are to be scribbled
    Some remain etched in hearts
    some remain carved on time
    And so is yours and mine
    No need to wish you luck or all that
    Because i know you can turn the chairs

    My ink gets elated on your birthday
    To tell...that you are one of the most amazing things that has ever happened
    A very happy birthday to
    Mom's Golu
    Dad's Beta
    To the one I have never acknowledged
    To the one I usually call bro.