• minal_sawlani 50w


    In the conundrum so strange,
    She stood there as a beautiful range..
    Took me to the natural era,
    Took me to the heavenly feel!!

    We sat near the pond,
    With those chilled water droplets,
    Sprinkling on our faces..
    Maze of feelings embroiled,
    And got entangled with that moment!!

    As I walked through those lanes,
    With the happiest person besides me,
    Sunrays kissing our body,
    Breeze touching the soul,
    And the melody of love flowed all around!!

    The more I went ahead,
    The more I fell for it,
    I don't know whether it was your presence,
    Or that magical moment,
    Which unveiled the jewels of my emotions,
    And created a strong feeling within me,
    To endearingly freeze that phase!!

    It wasn't just a span of time,
    It was like a small journey,
    And in a journey so ordinary,
    You simply moved in,
    And became an "extra ordinary"!!