• marcellemae 6w

    My heart hurts
    My tears weep
    Because he was still singing
    The song incomplete
    There is a core wrenching pain
    Of the again and again
    The indiscriminate hate
    That racism sealed fate
    When the times already come
    And we are already too late.
    Because people are dying
    From the ignorance and lying
    People’s fingers are crossed
    But their heads are in the sands
    Do they not see the sameness
    In comparing their hands.
    Our people. Our brothers, our sisters.
    Our babies, our people.
    Aching. Scarred. Broken. Charred.
    And you want them to sit quietly.
    To stew in what they’ve learned.
    Another heart is stripped away. Choked.
    His voice was blunted and burned.
    Choose love.
    Choose love.
    Choose love.
    God give them the will.
    Let them feel the wave of support.
    Let it lift them so they may rise above.

    We are with you © marcellemae