• writeweird 34w

    kill the kids

    raped, murdered and tortured
    and they say we'd fix this,

    it's just out of order, it's not
    one of our own, we cannot risk it

    it's far too far from my home,
    I couldn't possibly see it,

    impossible impossibility, I'm losing
    all my sanity, my ability to see
    monsters from men, i can clearly see
    how bad it becomes, when you only
    care about the ends, ends justify the
    means and there's no one to blame
    'cause all we do is talk through paper and pen, where were we when she was taken ?
    why couldn't we see, the reality
    and what will it take for us to be awoken
    and bleed humanity,

    get our hands outside the oven,
    get our heads outside in the open

    I swear the world has lost
    some of its colour,
    I swear I can hear the sky cry,
    and I can't deny, and I don't
    even know why,
    but I can see how it all
    is being broken

    inch by inch, one by one
    someone preaching to sin,
    somebody teaching how to bottle up all our emotions,

    somebody reaching for the neck
    and squeezing it until it is broken
    how do you do that ?

    don't they ever look back
    in your eyes ?
    what made you so broken ?

    why is the world broken,
    can somebody repair the air,
    it's too toxic to breathe,
    it's everywhere now and it's
    just so exhaustive to see

    maybe the gods have spoken
    there's no silver lining and there's
    no lying, the birds ain't flying
    no more

    everything is crashing down
    all around, it makes no sound,
    wakes nobody around, and nobody is ever going to come around,

    this world is pathetic, and I've had it
    it's automatic what I'm feeling
    and I still haven't been outspoken

    you haven't seen me at my worst,
    but there's more to the pain when every inch of you hurts

    we'll come for you,
    as you did for us

    I'll take no names
    and I'll talk no more than you deserve

    I'm just here to tell you, your seat in hell is reserved,

    see you there, bitch
    your sight make my eyes hurt
    your face makes me sick,
    you are a fucking disease

    my momma taught me to never
    abuse anybody,
    but you're not anybody, you're a fucking leech,
    feeding on the raped, murdered and the tortured,
    why did you do this, you sick shit, why did you have to torch her,
    and eat her remains, see what you did, now fucking look, look what remains,

    a world burning, pages turning, cameras clicking stains, the clock ticking,
    for the next victim to die in vain,

    what will it be, how could you be so blind that you couldn't even see,
    a child dying, tears drying, a mother crying for the nightmares to leave,

    how could you not feel, how is this ever supposed to be fine,
    but I'm so numb now, it feels as if it's better not to feel,
    that way at least you won't lose your mind, you've lost your heart,
    and you'll lose yourself in time, consume yourself, exhume yourself,
    take in the fumes when they set, forget what you thought,
    you aren't caught in the storm, you're just watching through a screen,
    you can mute the screams when it starts making you feel wrong,

    I swear to god, if there's a god, he must be in pain,
    I swear to god, if there's a god, she must be going insane,
    I kid you not, we're all involved, because somewhere deep down we're all the same,
    fucked up monsters, and maybe a month down the drain, we're all be looking for the next slaughter, laughter,
    our happily ever after, until the flames go up again,

    and then we'll light a candle,
    put pictures up on the mantel,

    read the scriptures, give the verdict,
    pull out our dicks, and be a dick about it

    talk mental, walk in anger,
    cause everyone else is frowning too;
    yeah maybe we'll even feel pain
    after all she was strangled, her body
    was found dismantled and mangled,

    around the corner, stranded and
    by the standards,

    and we'll light candles,
    fucking candles.

    to light up the night, or hide the darkness all around us ?