• pulasthi 45w

    Once upon a time
    there lived a sailor,
    a sailor that rode the waves
    with no precise destination
    along the nebulous sea routes.
    Amidst rough seas, storms
    and murky waters,
    just sailed is all he did
    not giving a damn
    'bout how the winds whirled,
    for they were never at his back.
    But suddenly, out of the blue,
    he found the ideal winds,
    perhaps the sort of wind
    that he had been looking for
    all his life.
    with the wind in his sails
    he explored new horizons,
    isles and seascapes
    that he thought he'd never
    catch a glimpse of
    even in his wildest dreams,
    while vanquishing the fears
    and terrors within him.
    And damn! Wasn't he the happiest?
    But at nights
    when the wind didn't blow
    and the see looked
    all calm and serene,
    all he did was ponder,
    ponder and ponder,
    where would this voyage
    take him at last?
    to an island where he could
    spend the rest of his days,
    or to waters brimmed with
    storms and hurricances
    where he would finally perish?
    Questions that he never
    found answers for!

    But one thing he knew,
    that he's a sailor
    and he's fated to sail,
    and flow with the wind
    that he finally found,
    be it to serenity
    or his doom.

    - P. E. -