• victoriaelizabeth1 6w


    We all know we have that
    Sixth sense for a reason never
    Knew I would be saying this if
    "I only I had listened to my instincts..."
    For then I wouldn't be living in this Hell.
    They have been sending warning signals
    That things were admist
    Yet, I was captured and was enthralled
    By all you had to offer.

    Placing all of instincts out the window and
    You were up in the forefront.
    Oooh those sweet words how I wished them so.
    Making me promises and truly loving me till the end of time.
    What girl wouldn't love to
    Hear any if not all of that,
    Taking me to the altar all before
    The old band has yet been cut off.

    My instinct are saying run
    Yet, my ears love hearing those
    Loving words you whisper within my ears.
    My heart has been captured
    By your sweet, caring, loving ways.
    Wishing you could've held up your end of your promises.

    Yet, my instincts told me it was to good
    To be true not to hold onto it
    For it was not gonna be happening
    As you were saying.
    I just didn't want to let it be so.
    For I was about to listen to my instincts and have my true Love, find me.