• bimalendupadhi 10w

    Symptoms of Om Tat Sat

    Tadityanabhisandhaya falam yajna tapa: kriya:, Dana kriyashch vividha: kriyante mokshkankshi.

    The man who seeks liberation from bondage, attachment, feelings of selfishness, arrogance, and discord from it, is called liberation. One should abstain from the subject of Mokshakami and renounce the hope of fruit, meaning "Tat" which means to remember that God of the cause of the world.We must do our work according to God's command. We should be above family, society, nation, and perform yajna,asceticism , and charity with a sense of unity with God.As a result, the pre-existing desires are destroyed and no new desires are created. The path of salvation is paved.
    This will be discussed in the next 'Sat'.

    Bimalendu Padhi