• quinn1247 5w

    Teen love

    Do you know what the number one saddest thing in life is at the moment.
    It's teen dating...
    And don't just say I'm wrong, actually listen to me.
    When a teen is in a relationship,
    Almost all they do is sit together in their bed and watch Netflix and cuddle and french kiss.
    Just why...

    Most teen these days only want sex!
    That's the sad truth at the moment.
    Sure you're gonna say "no they don't",
    Can you look into their minds...NO!
    Do you know what I'm jealous about...
    Those teen couples that actually goes out,
    And that discovers new and inspirational things.
    Sure sometimes it's boring discoveries but it's all just part of the experience.

    So you teens, don't cuddle and do nothing all day long with the one you love.
    Actually go out and experience everything...
    Some of you will say "it's to dangerous",
    And yeah it is but as soon as all of us are safe,
    Go out there, hand in hand with your lover,
    And discover the beauties that this earth has bestowed upon us, with the person you love.