• anushka7248 24w

    Don't raise your voice..
    Improve your argument..Sometimes my dumbness annoys me..The thing I'm a person with a fickle mind and scattered focus..My dad says it's not it..And my doctor doesn't think so..And why you ask? He says I can read a novel with really good focus bit when it comes to studies..You're a little bit uninterested..
    And he added that..The problem with me is i can't focus on something with I'm disinterested in..This actually made me realize things..So why do I wish I was smarter..??
    Just because my classmate is smarter than me..By the way those girls who get good marks..Or more than 45 out of 50 are actually don't know what to say..Just so you know..
    They mug that shit up..Of course I'm not talking about any individual..I'm just talking about my marks..Also just note that..Don't be internet doctor that just screws up your mind. At least that's what my doctor said to me..I envy him so much but the problem is I can't get my mind to focus and I'm sure eventually I will..It's gonna take time..Rather than telling you I'm telling this to myself..