• mochelle 6w


    As I look up the sky
    Clouds are waving
    As I look down the seas
    Waves are inviting
    As I look up high mountains
    And long winding rivers
    I feel heavenly feelings
    As I close my eyes and feel your presence..

    Oh my mom, my god gifted mother
    You did not concieved me but made my life better
    We just met online and promised each other
    To commit ourselves as mom and son forever

    I feel I got everything when we are chatting
    I feel its not boring for four hours of talking
    You changed my life and gave me ease on my suffering
    Before I was nothing but yiu turned me into something.

    From being nobody, now I am somebody
    Please be with me,I need you so please stay
    I am feeling heaven every minute if the day
    If you are talking with me all my pains go away.

    My mom, you are my heaven
    Just keep your gate open
    Please welcome me everytime
    I want to enter
    Please show me the joy and happiness everafter
    That the world could not provide
    But you alone could cater.

    Thank you God for giving me my mom
    Thank you God for dreams well done
    Thank you God for wishes granted
    Thank you God for good futire revealed

    I feel sitting on the clouds
    As the the waves kiss the shores
    Sweet music of the ears
    That tickling the calmness of my heart

    My mom, please always stay
    And be a heaven to me..