• writediva 5w


    I'd fail if I use my carnal mind to paint these letters,
    But permit me, because I was endowed by God with the hand of a ready writer,
    So this is for you,
    Anionted by God to touch the lives of men,
    Your heart of love whispers with compassion,
    Healing virtues flows from deep within,
    Let out the rivers flowing with living waters,
    As we yearn to drink and get intoxicated with it's fresh wine,
    This intoxication gives Life,
    Beautifully decorated by the blood,
    His banner over you is Love,
    So in your hardest of times and the days when all you hear is the "Pastor please pray for me",
    Know you are embedded in Christ and Christ in God,
    So you not alone, Even this writer knows you not!
    I celebrate you sir.