• quillandparchment 5w

    Magic spell

    Fairies around me returned to Neverland.
    Memories of their wings and sparkles are still in my mind.
    "We will return soon" they promised in summer and flew back to their star.
    I am still waiting. Summer dwindled into snowfall.

    Meanwhile, I met Cinderella's sisters
    Who always have something to point out.
    Sometimes, felt like whatever I do is wrong,
    Because I came across many like Merida's

    I was really tired,waiting for fairies,
    Dealing with those sisters and mother.
    "Are there no one like Anna and Dory ?" I thought,
    Pondering over these things that bother.

    Just then, fairy Godmother appeared,
    And whispered a magic spell in my ear.
    Not,"Abracadabra" or "bibidi bobidi boo"
    The spell was simple and easy too.

    She said," Try harder,
    Everyone are not the same.
    Hope more,
    All you have to do is trust again."