• katherineklay 10w

    when she asks me doubtfully
    Do I look cute and fluffy?
    I tell her no only for her to hit me.
    To touch me, to come closer to me.
    Even though I want to say
    That you look lovely
    Even in your daily
    I donʼt say that neatly,
    by calling you fatty
    I cover my compliments
    Only to see that undeniably
    Beautiful head whip around
    and say, “I am a cutie.”
    Her eyes are always so alive.
    Even though sheʼs so naive,
    She stands up for causes .
    She isnʼt one to suppress,
    Neither she is one to oppress.
    She is my sweetie.
    Even though she hates it.
    She is the one I have no boundaries with. I just wanna see her smile,
    But even when sheʼs angry
    She turns all red and blushy,
    Even though she has a beautiful face, She stays up all night.
    She never admits it alright
    but I can see through all her lies.

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