• ponygirl913 5w


    Winter shifting in the air
    Staring at me with that cold blank stare
    Standing up upon those stairs
    You held the power in your hands
    The choice was yours
    Do I shoot or do I not
    Did you shoot or did you not
    The decision was yours
    You had my life In your hands
    You held the power
    You had complete control over what you did next
    And what I did next
    The move you made
    Decided if I was dead or alive
    And sealed the identity of the type of person you are
    The cold stare you gave me
    Showed your care was nonexistent
    You didn’t care what happened
    What consequences came after
    You ran on power
    You had the power
    The power that fueled your decisions
    The power that took control of you
    When you stood on those stairs
    That winter cold night
    With that stare in your eyes
    You didn’t care whether you pulled the trigger or not
    The only thing that you were thinking of
    Is that you now held the power over me
    That if I moved
    If I disobeyed
    My life would reach a sudden stop
    You wanted the respect you thought you deserved
    But the thing about power
    The thing represented in almost every
    Superhero super villain movie
    Is too much power corrupts the mind
    Too much dependability on one corrupts the mind
    Too much disrespect corrupts the mind
    Too much power corrupts the mind
    Until it becomes too much