• miz_deliverance 23w

    Beautiful Torment

    It felt so real, you felt so real, as you have a thousand times before. A most simple and chaste thing; a brush of skin on skin , your warm breath ghosting over my cheek. Your arms heavy upon shoulders in an embrace that I'm unsure of. Would it hold me together, or rip me apart; would you even last long enough for me to find out?
    You would not, not tonight. I awake and for a moment it's almost as it's almost as if I can still feel the lingering presence of your touch. I lay still trying to hold onto the fast fading feeling of blissfull utter calm that spreads throughout me. As I lay there it takes me a moment to realize there's dampness on my cheeks, silent tears tears falling from my eyes leaving wet trails as the dark, cold, emptiness creeps back through the cracks. Reality is settling back in: Your touch, the smell of your skin, the pure strength you radiate... it's something I've only ever known with in my own mind. These things I can so clearly imagine will be as close as I ever get to you.
    You torment my dreams in the most beautiful of ways, and I cherish every journey you make that finds you here with me time and time again.