• somi_ak 6w

    I haven't washed my bedsheet from the time you left. It has your essence and beside thinking about the problems that exist in my life and need immediate attention, all I can think about is this bedsheet. I mean it became dilemma of the century for me. I don't have our photographs to look back in times n get nostalgic.
    I haven't slept on that bed so the creases don't get disturb .. I know it's insane but when I sit on the couch n stare at the spot u were last sleeping .. I can feel the warmth as if u are still around.. ur coffee mug is still untouched ... Kept 2 finger breadth away from sink ... U told me you are leaving because you were suffocating and I could not speak anything.. "Yes, u can go" that's all I said.. because love should not be kept .. it should be lived and felt.

    Even after you left.. I m living it in your absence...With your perfumes in my unwashed clothes