• watzupdoc 21w


    I realize the importance of truth,
    But living a life of truth,
    Is standing in the street
    For everyone I know, Naked.

    With truth, comes~ not lying,
    And it's an alien concept.
    Just the collateral damage
    would sink me to hell.

    It doesn't matter if I lied
    for them, it's a lie.
    It doesn't matter I lied
    for privacies sake, it's a lie.
    It enabled me to bigger lies,
    Lying all the same.

    But with truth comes peace,
    A soothing presence
    of that heartwarming song.
    Understanding myself,
    Not wanting to be heard, anymore.
    In love with me, after
    Seeing my own self.

    So I chose, not to lie.
    Again selfish for my own sake.
    Love myself I do more
    to lie anymore.
    Into the unknown, lie no more,
    Selfishly once more for my own sake.