• nemofied 10w

    Goal - Part II

    The fans were cheering their hearts out. After the first half hammering, they half expected a silent crowd. But what they were greeted with was something they had never expected even in their wildest dreams.

    "You will never walk alone", the voices of the fans, their emotions, thundered across the stadium. The giant screen focussed on a little fan. He was wearing the jersey of his beloved hero and kept on chanting persistently.

    "What did I tell you?" the coach muttered and all the players looked at him.
    "Can you see that??!! Do any of you understand what it means??!! It is the unwavering faith of the fans. Look at them! Look at all of them. They still believe we can make this right. They believe in us with every beat of their heart. If they are not ready to give up on us, how can we back down from this fight?"

    The players all nodded in unison. They knew what they had to do. The answer was plain as a day.

    What happened that night was something that will forever shine in the pages of History.