• _eleutheromaniac_ 6w

    And then maybe in the nooks and corners of my mind,
    When I am awake in the nights,
    Or when I am deep asleep.
    When I am singing along to a song,
    Or when I am quietly sitting on.
    Flashes of the world, that I'd built in my mind,
    In mystery, in chime, with everything in billowing time.
    I wonder what must be done,in order to get to know how it begun.
    In dust, in particles, in ashes and strays.
    Leaves, the trees and streams that form a disarray.
    Of the blue sky, and the heaven unseen.
    Of the fables and poets of days.
    How beautiful, as they all fall in place everyday,
    Like a picturesque portrait at the end of the hallway.