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    Yes so all the time i thought what to write and put up at my 100th post! And all it is here!
    Let it reach the best of it ever happened!
    Happy 300! Nd yes my best best 100th post!
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    And yes 29th of june was my birthday where i wrote this in my drafts and sharing it becomes a bit late!

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    Pondering over the uncensored mishaps of a time that was attended by cruel grief's company. With every heartache that ailed you sick, immunizing isolation into a period of soulful healing. But we were only seeking love in a wacky world full of broken people with broken hearts. And in all this brokenness, and piecing together, we found strength of solid wholeness. The resilience of faith. An assemblage of toughened durability, and the everlasting hope that we will find love once again.