• davetrotter 5w

    SOME life's have a vision that is like a tunnel or it's an open-air concert with a good director.
    SOME life's are a full of tunnel vision where they keep looking down and so they keep going down.
    SOME life's are full of the beauty of life, or some are so full of their negative self that they can't see the beauty of life.
    YOUR living room window can be so darkened and just full of badness from the knots that are within your own head. SO much so, that it makes you want to scream sometimes. BECAUSE you can't escape the entanglements of your bad thoughts within your head.
    JUST pick up that rag right where you are at and use some window cleaner and clean your life's view out your window.
    SO you can see that the beauty of life is right there in front of you.
    WHAT you think of your life is applied to your life for good or bad. It just depends on what you are depending on to make it that way. GOD or you.