• pen_to_paper 10w

    was a real challenge to think what legacy I'd like to leave behind:)

    #cees_memo_chall @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    When I open my mouth to let my last breath out
    surrounded by gloom and sad faces cry out loud
    I wish not to be remembered for just a lost soul
    who once wondered the earth without a role
    when my life is over and to dust I return
    there is only one deed I wish for my generation to have learned
    to love humankind as I have loved them
    for although we are separate we truly are one
    when my life is over and I am no more
    I hope my pen would have written all I stand for
    for though I had not much when I was alive
    for the betterment of others I would always strive
    for this world can be so unkind and so cruel
    when my life is over I wish to be remembered
    for someone who tried to change this point of view
    when my life is over and I am no more
    I want to be remembered for living by this motto
    that nothing