• mokshaa18 9w

    Until i accepted you and what i felt
    For you completely,
    Above the considerations of all
    Moral and logical rights and wrongs...

    It was hard for me to see clear
    And move beyond this stirred storm
    Of passion,emotions and longings...

    Not that i wanted to escape it,
    I was rather elated to surf through..
    But only when the waves called out to me

    And weren't an open invitation
    To everyone who would be interested in...
    I was ready to accept all that already
    Had on you an indelible impact,

    But if that was your nature to keep seeking
    And expanding your reach to hearts,
    It wouldn't serve my soul's integrity.

    If i would be close enough
    and still not anymore closer...
    I accept dear one,
    We are set on different paths.