• onemmilla 10w


    Words of sincere certainty and honest hopes unfounded
    Intoxicating, enchanting, electric, with tension, possibility and imagination
    She is back

    The weight of dispair
    It all seems unreal
    She is back

    Continuous as the stars that shine
    And twinkle on the Milky Way
    Ten thousand saw at a glance,
    Tossing their heads in sprightly dance.
    She is back

    The shining cup is the star in the sky
    The ultimate prize
    Medals hanging and swing
    Caressing necks
    Moment of pride
    Moment of glory
    She is back

    She is filled with smooth promises
    Suggesting what might have been yet to come
    Languid and persuasive above the clouds
    She is back

    Hardwork bearing glory and not
    High hopes slammed to disappointments
    Being lucky and being unlucky
    She is back

    Suspence awaits supporters
    The echo in stadiums
    The crowd chanting
    Motivating their players
    She is back

    Who is going to be the king of the Premier league
    Will it be the reigning champions of the league the citizens
    Will it be the conquerers of Europe the Merseyside Reds
    Will it be the runners up of Europe who will come out purring
    Will it be the Gunners who lack ambition to Gun
    Will it be the pensioners
    Will it be the devils who are reminiscing the gone glory days
    Or will it be an underdog who will shake the realm of the league
    She is back

    The Premier league is back!!!
    Money is spent
    Expectation are high
    There will be surprises
    There will be dissapointment
    And the end of the day
    There will be one team standing
    History is yet to be made Again
    The Premier league is back!!!