• lector007 10w


    Started a good day with beautiful sunrise but sad to say, now I have to forget about my friend who shared my happiness,sadness,and every other emotion in just one night.

    What an irony it is that our Brain remembers even worst things in our life which we don't want to remember and erases the where abouts of my friend's story.

    He always appears when I am alone at night and stays with me, listens about my day.

    I never saw him in person, because I can't see anything when I am with him, I can just hear him, his voice is sounds absolutely same as mine.

    Yesterday he came again and I asked his name, he said his name just before he left, and u Know what, he said "I am your dream".

    Yet again I just remembered only that line in our conversation and my brain again did a good work on erasing information about our conversation.