• _sudarshan_ 9w

    I Remember

    It was Raining heavily, from 3days or more.
    I know we couldn't meet for somedays and you were Leaving the next day.
    Since, I was missing you, I motivated myself and told myself that I will see you before leaving, one last time.

    It was raining, raining Heavily, I gained the courage and I went out Riding my bike, wearing a raincoat.
    After sometime, when I called you to meet,
    I remember your excitement, I remember your happy voice.

    We met, we talked, I also brought the gift which I was Planning for many Days.
    And soon the time came where I had to leave, and when I was starting the engine of my bike,
    I remember your sad face , I remember our last kiss, I remember your soft eyes.

    I Remember.