• writeendlessly 6w

    We are able to hate so easily,
    A single glance
    A way something is said
    In a split second, we can decide
    we hate something.
    Why can't the same go for love?
    Love at first sight,
    Realizing you love someone
    Minutes, hours, months after meeting them.
    Why is falling in love a judgemental
    But hate is easy to produce.
    It's easier to hate,
    And bend to the will of it
    Then realizing that you love
    Realizing you love someone.
    When you love someone,
    They become, a part of you.
    They merge with you soul
    Making it whole.
    Love is feeling that feeling of floating and
    Falling at the same time.
    Love, can be anywhere. With anyone.
    Who says there is a limit!
    Love is a feeling,
    Developed by your brain
    Felt by your heart
    And experienced by you.
    There is no limit,
    Who says a flame only has to burn in one place? Let it free!
    The best part of love, is that it's contagious.
    And like all contagious, things, you know it's going to happen,
    And sometimes
    The people around you
    See that love has infected you,
    Far before the idea
    Even grasps your thoughts.
    Don't restrict love,
    Let it free,
    Let it burn,
    Watch what your love can do.
    Because I love,
    Watching you love,
    And because of that
    I love more too.
    Because you burn so bright
    I burn too.