• allthings_iridescent 36w

    Some days the clouds are heavy
    As heavy as if holding an ocean inside their bellies
    To tell the world their tales of long lost love
    To brawl about how they were bullied when 13
    About why they never told anyone about it
    Not even their mother because they never saw her
    To talk just because their arms are strained holding so much weight
    Just because they can't keep their backs straight anymore as if concealing a thousand rocks inside their rib cages
    While on some days
    They're empty
    Empty enough to not know what to say when the lady at the cafe counter asks them what they want
    Empty enough to not understand the meaning of a sentence while repeating it a gazillion times in their head
    Empty enough to not realise they've been listening to the same song for the last two hours
    Empty enough to be free
    To be in a state where nothing is left to take from them
    Unrestrained, allowing the sunshine to soak every inch and leave them dry
    Unfettered, floating across the sky