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    Grace sat with her husband having dinner since the kids weren't back from their friends' place. It was better that way because she knew her husband's temper well.
    'If you have something to say, just go ahead love,' Henry said catching her off-guard.
    'You know me well love. I am just wondering if it is the right time to tell you about this.'
    'Is it the kids? What did those two do this time?' Henry asked looking stressed. It wasn't a secret that his last two children were a nuisance.
    'It's them and this time they have done something we never thought they would,' Grace said sighing.
    'You are scaring me now. They didn't get expelled or something like that right?'
    'They will never dare. Our babies are dating and they are in love,' Grace finally spilt the beans.
    'Oh!' Henry exclaimed upon hearing it.
    'That is your response?' Grace asked looking at her husband.
    'I am not really shocked about it. I mean it was obvious, i am just shocked that it took them this long that's all,' Henry said with a smile on his face.
    'You aren't mad about it? They are still siblings after all.'
    'I know what you are worried about love but they aren't blood related at all. I just want to see them happy and i know Ruby brings out the best in Harvey. They compliment each other so well and i am happy that they came out,' Henry confessed.
    'So you suspected all this while and still had Harvey receive that arrangement?'
    'I was hoping that they will come to their damn minds and be open about it,' Henry chuckled.
    'So you did all this, for this outcome? Love, you are one scheming bastard,' Grace said not believing how cunning her husband was.
    'If i hadn't done that, do you think that they would have confess?' Henry asked and Grace let the question sink.
    'They wouldn't have,' she answered nodding her head in agreement.
    Knowing her daughter well, she wouldn't have let it slip at all.
    'You see. So since the kids had confessed, its time for us to cancel the arrangement we made. But first i need to see the children,' Henry said sipping his wine.
    'You aren't going to scold them right?'
    'What fun will that be if i don't?'
    Grace smiled understanding her husband well.
    'I will call them back right away, just tone a little bit down,' Grace pleaded.
    'I won't scare them away, i promise,' he promised her and she blew him a kiss.
    Grace took her phone from the table and called her daughter. She could hear the noise and Ruby's friends in the background.
    'Hey baby, you need to come back home. Your dad want to talk with you,' Grace told Ruby.
    'I will be on my way.'
    'Drive safely,' she said and hung up.
    Grace smiled already seeing how this play was going to end. Henry was a loving man but he also has a nasty temper that matches well with Ruby. Although the two had never went head to head, she could imagine what will happen if they ever did. She didn't want to see that at all and hoped that they will all be civil.

    Henry sighed as he thought it over and over again how he was going to scare the children when they came. He was happy and ecstatic when he heard about their relationship. He wasn't shocked especially when he saw how close those two were ever since they were kids. He had caught his son giving those kind of looks to Ruby ever since he was a teenager. His son finally grew balls and landed Ruby. Harvey was a really strong young man, to love and desire such a woman like Ruby. It wasn't a secret that Ruby was different and she had a nasty temper and violent at some times. His son was surely in love to go for her and he wasn't going to stop them. He was going to install some fear for a few minutes and give his blessings.
    There was a knock at his door and his beautiful wife came in.
    'The kids are here,' she announced.
    'Send them in,' he said and watched as the two walked in. Grace smiled at him before she took her leave. She understood that this was his moment.
    The kids sat down opposite him, he didn't know where to begin.
    'We are sorry dad,' Harvey apologized before he looked at Ruby and gave her a reassuring look. Those two were in love, he could see it and he was touched.
    'Why are you apologizing?'
    'You can do anything you want, but please don't tell us to end our relationship. We can't do that,' Ruby voiced out and expected from such a female warrior she was fierce. She was his tigress and he was not worried about the future of the company as long as she was around. Ruby had guts and he admired that. She reminded him of his eldest son. Having thoughts of sending her away as someone's daughter in law always panged him but now she was going to remain in the family then all was working for the best for him and the family.
    He wasn't going to make them anxious anymore. It was a fight he was not going to win so he decided to to get answers.
    'So what are your plans son? And don't tell me such crap answers,' Henry bellowed at his son.
    'What do you mean dad?' Harvey asked wanting some clarity.
    'You are dating Ruby and i want to hear from you where this is going,' Henry explained further.
    Harvey looked at Ruby and Henry saw the affection in his children's eyes. He didn't need to be told, those two were madly in love with each other. If he was going to separate them, he will definitely be punished for being cruel.
    'I want to spend the rest of my life with her, have a family together and love her for eternity,' Harvey confessed while he stared deep into Ruby's eyes.
    Henry could see Ruby tearing up, shocked with the confession Harvey had just said. Henry could tell that these two had never spoken about the future yet and this came as a surprise to Ruby.
    'You shocked Ruby there son,' Henry couldn't his smile from his kids.
    'I am serious about this though. With your permission dad and mom. I want to marry her and we are ready to face whatever consequences that will rise,' Harvey said confidently.
    'I heard you son but give us some time to think and process this whole issue. As for the proposal, you will have to direct that towards your sister there. But for now concentrate on your exams and if any of you fail then forget about all of this,' Henry threatened though he knew deep down in his heart that he was just joking.
    He wasn't surprised to see his children smiling at him. They were genius and they had never failed him.
    'We won't let you down,' they both answered in unison before looking at each other.
    'Okay, you may leave now and call your mother for me,' Henry said dismissing the two love-birds.
    'Okay dad. Goodnight,' Harvey said as he stood up.
    'Goodnight dad,' Ruby said as she joined Harvey on her feet.