• black_diva 6w

    With beauty comes pain

    Is this the work of life?
    Every morning ends a night,
    Every bark comes with a bite,
    With love comes hate,
    And us beings take the bait.
    Of course this is all the cycle of life.
    In the morning there are colorful skies,
    Humans arise at the moon’s demise,
    Beings are blessed but also without,
    That even goes to creatures moving about.
    All these things are a part of life.
    I love the beauty that comes in spring,
    But my mom always told me bees sting,
    I see little crows sitting alone,
    While little bee queens sit on their throne.
    Now I know this is the circle of life.
    With every thunderstorm there is a light that shines through,
    So days can be cloudy and colorful too,