• drish_mulay 6w

    That feeling of your lips on mine,
    The touch of your hands that felt so fine.
    But that's where it ends,
    Can't get my heart's walls to bend.
    Can't get myself to move further than this attraction,
    Can't get myself to reciprocate the felt compassion.
    Feeling oh so hollow inside of me,
    Whenever I close my eyes you're not the one that I see.
    It's that picture of him stuck in my head,
    Is there anything that can be said?
    Is there anything I can do to make this better?
    I always think about his written letter.
    In which he wrote what he feels,
    But in that letter those emotions seem to be forever sealed.
    My mind goes wild again,
    Idk how to sever myself of that pain.
    But yes with your lips on mine,
    My world just for those moments feels just fine.