• mohammedjunaidkhan 20w


    He was a poor auto rickshaw driver,
    Living with his wife and a ten year old daughter,

    He would work hard day and night with his limping feet,
    But always used to fall short in his efforts to fulfil all their needs,

    For having a disabled father, his daughter in school was teased,
    She would blame her father for this annoyance and with him she remained displeased,

    Her father would always try to win her love, but always in vain,
    The more, he tried, the more she rejected, his heart was always in pain,

    Then time went by and she grew up, and her needs with hatred for her father grew up too,
    When she saw other children using latest clothes and gadgets, her hatred would anew,

    Her rubber slippers and broken phone added to her misery,
    She further grew her distance with her father and cursed her poverty,

    One day, her father sold all the scrap in the house and things that were unwanted,
    "This sold scrap would fill our stomach now", the angry daughter taunted,

    The same day while returning from college, the daughter in a traffic jam was stuck,
    When she heard that some auto driver died after being knocked down by a truck,

    She abruptly got down of the bus to reach the spot of the accident,
    She found her father's body smeared in blood, the lone casualty of the incident,

    Not a teardrop from her eyes,
    No one heard her voice,

    After three days, the door bell rang,
    She opened the door to a delivery man,
    Three different delivery man with three different packages, arrived back to back,
    She bought it in all the three and got them properly stacked,

    She opened the boxes, one by one,
    One had three new dresses,
    The other had a pair of shoe,
    And a mobile phone in the last one,

    Her ailing mother called her to give her a letter,
    This was supposed to be a surprise from her now dead father,

    The dried eyes started flowing like a river, after reading that letter,
    It had only seven words in it,