• vikrambourne 9w

    My constant

    Being a part of my psychological world
    Everyday I had someone to make happy
    It kept on going and I really wanted it to last forever
    But the reality doesn't allow forever stories
    As it put us through rough patches
    Making us take decisions
    As she was cornered she had to decide
    And she made up her mind
    To leave from my daily cycle of life
    She's been that only person who has amazed me a lot
    Never met a mind that could reciprocate so well to my ideas and wierd thoughts
    But she's human right
    She has her own world to look forward
    I can see her wings grow and fly
    Lies ahead a real journey
    A journey of her own
    She may have left but her words and ideals are filled within me
    And I'll hold it up with a strong resolve
    My constant is the magical angel who helped me climb up from the pits of hell
    And I won't forget or be angry or hate you
    Cause not all find an angel like you