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    Part 2. Love confession

    I was in love. Real one. So the fear of being rejected was also real. Though we were good friends now but this was different. People mostly choose restaurants or cafes. But I did not. I just wanted it to be casual and the atmosphere usual. Nothing in specific.
    In pretext of discussing something I asked her to meet me at a particular location in the metro station. Though she did enquired why a metro station.
    My thought was that when a metro train happen to cross, I will confess my love and if rejected .....may be the velocity of the train will carry the dejected feeling with it.
    So we met at a refreshments outlet at the metro station. I purchased two soft drink cans. One I gave to her. She asked what was the matter? The drink seemed to stuck in my throat and choke me. I coughed. Then I saw a train coming. Without wasting a moment I confessed. The train passed by and with a screech it halted at a distance. Same happened with my heart. The beats screeched and it seemed my heart halted.
    There was utter silence between the two of us. The can was in my hand but I couldn't drink it anymore while she gulped the drink in one go.
    After a while the silence was broken by her. She asked me to accompany her at a park nearby. I was prepared for rejection or acceptance. We went to the park. It had lots of trees. Few very large and quite old. She stopped near one of the trees. Without wasting a moment, she asked me to kiss her. Confusion, excitement, rush of adrenalin.....everything with a big dash of surprise. Then we kissed.
    As soon as my nervous lips touched hers, magic happened. All nervousness faded in an instant. A strange warm feeling or sensation ran through my body. My heart seemed to melt like butter.
    Now that was not what I expected. But it was so good.

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    A love story
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