• colourfulgreys 10w


    F eeling grateful and proud about my vagina that bleeds life and my breasts that make me full
    E xpressing emotions that play to me melodies of my anger, rage, glee and grim
    M oving around in the glory of my flaws, those stretch marks, those acne marks, those cellulite arms, those bushy eyebrows and that genuine smile
    I ngraining in myself the seeds of knowldge and curiousity about my origin, strength and the world I inhabit
    N egating limitations the world imposes on my achievements
    I mbibing the qualities of grace and warmth of my mother and women around me
    N estling in my heart my true feelings and heeding to them
    I nking in blood each month my progression to an empowered being
    T raversing paths to write a history which little girls can look upto
    Y earning for upliftment of all around me through the charm of nature and the strength of my fury!

    © Harfkaar 21-12-2020 BG. Legendary Madhubala

    कभी मेरे ख्वाब सा, कभी उलझे जवाब सा
    के चंदा में भी दाग सा, मेरे जैसा तू
    के नदियाँ का हो इक सिरा
    के अरमानों का सिलसिला
    के सहरा में भी आब सा
    मेरे जैसा तू, मेरे जैसा तू

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