• eskaypia64 5w

    We Only Ever Fear Time

    Nothing matters,
    We all are nothing on the scale of the universe,
    Yet we worry about jobs and death and love and life,
    But nothing matters,
    We cry over friends and family who we rarely talk to,
    We cry over movies that never happened,
    Atrocities that occurred so long ago they are forgotten,
    Even though nothing matters,

    If nothing matters,
    Then what is the compass,
    Where is our reason,
    But there is none,
    We are pointless little nothings,
    Laws do not exist,
    Society is pointless,
    God is only there to give us a pretend purpose,
    We live only on the universal surface,
    We believe there is a future to affect,
    But humanity will never make a worldly impact,
    We only ourselves distract,
    From our fear of time,
    Why do we fear living life alone?
    We may die.
    Why do we fear heights?
    We may die.
    Why do we fear death?
    We will never have enough time.