• jerchosteele 9w

    Flowers and Funerals

    In the beginning it was flowers.
    Beginnings are always beautiful.
    And then it was more like a funeral.

    I said goodbye to who I was to make room.
    I locked myself in a tomb,
    So that there was more room for you.

    In the beginning you gave me bouquets,
    Of flowers and hope and butterflies.
    Of dreams and love and what it feels like to be alive.

    After a while, you went through a transformation.
    I had to say goodbye to me, and also who you used to be.
    I buried us both 6 feet down,
    And wept and mourned,
    I cut off my flesh layer by pound.

    I broke open my chest cavity,
    I showed you my ugly, my depravity.
    I showed you my neck,
    And you strangled me.