• herscribbledfables 6w

    The End of a chapter...

    From the day I first stepped in to the engineering class,
    I was a nerd who got timid looking at the mass.

    Didn't know how many memories and lessons awaited me.
    The journey from being a student to an engineer has been extraordinary.

    Meeting those lovely seniors was my greatest pleasure,
    You took care of us like no one can measure.

    Having those juniors was really cute,
    Felt as if I'm giving my old self a reboot.

    From sharing lunch boxes to our problems we started growing .
    Bunking lectures, to roaming places we were all flowing.

    We've laughed, we've fought, we've stood for each other,
    We've cried, we've smiled, we've supported each other.

    This batch may have been unlucky for not letting us say goodbye.
    These years were just amazing, no one could lie.

    As the exams got cancelled, there was immense happiness.
    But suddenly in our eyes were tears of secret sadness.

    The sadness of the fact we could not falter,
    Finally we are all at the end of this chapter.