• zad_wordinker 9w


    What is meant to be fortunate?
    Is it the feeling after winning a prize money in draw?
    Or, being optimistic for something good
    After noticing a pigeon duo.

    Is it the ecstasy of a student after scoring good percentage?
    Though he studied nothing and scribbled in the evaluation
    Or, is it the desire of the same student to initiate
    A lucrative career,
    Hard on the heels of the cessation of his graduation.

    Is it the belief of getting a good news?
    When crows make noise in the balcony.
    Or, is it the wish of a ludo player,
    Of not getting three sixes simultaneously?

    When I have grown up, I perceived that
    Being fortunate means gaining something easily.
    But how it can satisfy one,
    If it is not attained laboriously.
    One should create his destiny
    By dint of hard work and calmness.
    As it is blindly believed that
    Fortune always approves the fearless.

    -Zahir Barbhuiya