• saluat 9w


    "Why don't you put on some makeup to hide those flaws?"
    "At least paint your nails and give them colour "
    " what on earth are you doing imbecile"
    This is what i hear from people around me
    I have the urge to scream ,
    I am me
    My path is my path
    No one else can walk it ,
    No one else can tell you what it is

    I am always rejected by others,
    I am always gossiped about,
    I am thought of in disparaging ways,yesterday i was a kook ,today am an oddball ,tomorrow i will be an idiot.

    I am going the journey on my own terms,
    Even though am estranged from other people.
    They tell me who they think i should be ,some even try manipulating me into believing it.
    I will never stray from myself in order to be close to someone that doesn't have the courtesy to remind me of my worth.

    I really don't mind your aspirations
    I will never let someone's goals and dreams influence the vision of my life .
    I am unstoppable definitely I AM NOT YOU