• richardagar 5w

    Logic & Emotions

    Our emotions do not lead us astray, rather our lack of analysing why we feel this way or that way that leads to problems with how we see the TRUE reality of things. Sure, if we are feeling depressed of course we are going to put a negative spin on all we experience but that is only because we haven't looked into and worked out what is troubling us, ie if I'm depressed and if I then spend the time to work out that why I'm depressed is because my boss said I was stupid 6 hours ago, and if I conclude that, I indead was stupid because of what I did and resolve to do better next time, then the blockage ( causing me to feel depressed because I am not looking at it) will disappear. This is when feelings are of most use because if I'm still feeling depressed I know I haven't uncovered the real reason for the depressed feeling. ( Please note I'm only thinking of situationation depression not chemical depression in this example). Once I 'feel' alright again I can and this is most important, FORGET ABOUT SELF and use the innate human talent to 'feel' (or the word I was taught was 'hear' and no it's not generated by sound lol) the truth of what I see, hear or experience through a unfettered 'pane of glass'.
    Humans must learn to use emotion and logic hand in hand; neither one by itself is enough. Logic is to step you through the issues, applying scientific thinking to the problems etc and emotion to get the big picture very quickly but with no detail. Humans have always been confused about emotions manily because we don't understand that while we feel emotions we have always assumed that these emotions are our own.
    What if emotions could be felt that were not our own but sent unconsciously by those around us? We just haven't been taught that we can feel and send at the same time! Think of emotions like skim reading, very fast but not as detailed lol. Or another way is emotions is picture which tells a thousand words and words are the detail and logic. Logic actual means 'the word' but has come to mean more, namely 'though' or 'reason'. This is the reason that people so often put logic on such a pedestal and down cry emotions as not to be trusted.
    'A man that cannot trust what he feels cannot trust himself' and therefore can't trust others as well!