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    The Sixth Sense

    Our body which is highly under utilized in today's area of technology , as they say is made of stardust . Rumi says you are the universe in ecstatic motion but most of us are on the opposite end of this experience crumbling under stress n anxiety . The cause of which is we ourselves . No one else is responsible if you didn't have the balls to stand up for your calling under the fear of entering insecurity . Our body is a complete mechanism of sensing our own paradise . Our autonous nervous system which relaxes n contracts our organ systems according to the situations we choose is our sixth sense . The easiest way to be aware of it , is to be aware of how our heart is feeling . All religions talk about following the heart but it is a shame that no one practises it . Even modern psychologists n psychiatrists are completely unaware of this mechanism n hence psychiatry has proven to be a failure at large . The branch of psychology called " Psychosynthesis " is moving towards this direction but few psychologists are aware of it . Simply doin things which make you feel joyous n simply not doing things that make you stressed out is moving in the direction of fullfillment n purpose . If u try n experiment with this phenomenon you'll know exactly what i mean n you'll start findin an immense focus n clarity in life . This is the message of the science of Yoga n Tantra . This is the message of Krishna n Christ . This is the direction towards enlightenment n ecstatic living .

    © Parth Dewan