• rodney 5w

    15th August, 2020.
    3:48 p.m.


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    Can't think straight.
    Tiredness has made my brain to freeze.

    Can't get over this.
    Need time and some human consoling.

    Somebody to hold me.

    Thought pandemic would leave me.
    But, it has made my body its battlefield.

    I feel like soaking my bed with tears.
    But I have been strong for years.

    There is nothing here.

    There are thermometers, pulse oximeters and hydroxyl chloroquine sheets.

    I've not lost track of time.
    Been trying everything that can get my body to work fine.

    Thinking is foggy.

    Hearing is trippy.

    Voice is hoarse, sleep is filled with anxiety.

    A kind of awaiting for the healing.

    A life free from this confinement.

    This is my journal entry.
    After days of bad health and my road towards