• cherilnclarke 6w

    Like Open Water

    Wade into me like open water
    Like endless warmth and boundless possibilities 
    Like infinite comfort.
    Explore my curves like a riverbend
    The peaks and valleys of coconut-oiled skin
    Inhale my scent and raise the temperature
    Until sweat dips and slopes
    Until it drips down collarbones - runs over shoulders
    And gathers in little puddles
    Into the folds and creases of muscle
    Of my strength as a woman
    Until it collapses into the pillows beneath us
     and know that
    Our alchemy as a coupling is all that matters
    and let the warmth of my breath
    Ripple over you like a tropical breeze
    Slow love…you can drop all of your masks with me
    Abandon your disguises
    Let your self-consciousness 
    Get rid of anxiety about your desires
    About your kinks, your lusts, your yearnings, and your curiosities
    Let them all
    Like glaciers melting into an amorous stream
    I am the nurturing elements of open water
    I just want you to come float with me...