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    Elixir(When I thought of this word, A thought clicked and so here I am with another random musing)

    Sometimes poetry is my elixir for all the pain I feel,
    it helps me take down all emotions, sadness, pain and all the zeal.
    Everytime I am sad, tangled in the threads of emotion,
    I take my pen and gulp down this magical potion.
    Travelling to faraway lands,
    where we can walk under moonlight hand in hand.
    I sometimes go over the moon,
    In that land I forget my worries way too soon.
    I have cured so many heartbreaks, even some deep scar,
    I have travelled many places some too near some too far.
    Sometimes I am on a journey from dawn to day,
    sometimes I get lost deep as here things go on just my way.
    I am the writer of my own story, I sometimes become the princess, sometimes just a maid,
    sometimes I keep the hair flying, sometimes a flower decorated braid.
    I sometimes become a lyricist, writing beautiful prose,
    sometimes just a lover with a dead rose.
    Sometimes my story is all about the words and rhymes,
    Some beautiful lyrics are also there some times.
    Other times, just the music is fine,
    In a world where I am yours and you are mine.
    This elixir surely does something to me,
    after I gulp it down and magic is all I can see..


    (PS- Something vague, don't know if it makes sense!!)


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    My elixir in days when I am lost,
    It is something I love the most.
    When ever I gulp down this vial,
    It always leaves me with a smile.