• helpshark 6w

    Traffic Cone

    Dad built a makeshift extension
    We had very little room in the house
    Mum had filled the rooms with pot pourri
    And you couldn't swing a mouse

    He stacked three card board boxes
    Large ones, end to end
    Then he drew on bricks with a big felt tip pen
    And said we could all just pretend

    We moved grandpa in on Saturday
    It was small but he didn't complain
    He said he'd had worse during the war
    And then it started to rain

    Dad got four umbrellas
    And cut a hole in the flap
    Pushed them through the hole
    And secured them with a roof rack strap

    Mum did all grandpa's washing
    She kept him in clean pants and socks
    We gave him three big meals a day
    That we pushed through a hole in the box

    In summer we made him a garden
    It even had a gnome
    And then one night someone took it
    And replaced it with a traffic cone

    We put a smiley face on it
    Grandpa said it was now officially his friend
    And took it inside the extension
    The kids thought he'd gone round the bend

    Grandpa comes in to the house at Christmas
    Because in winter the box is unpleasant
    And then it was time for us to all exchange gifts
    But he'd only bought the traffic cone a present...